Long Time No Post!

I haven’t posted here since 2011! I am creating. I just forgot to write about them. I’ve made several more teapot and teacup lamps; as well as other novelty type lamps. I haven’t created much else though. I started a brick and mortar store to sell my products during the summer and that has taken up a lot of time and thoughts. Especially thoughts! How do I get people to come to my shoppe. Advertising is soooo expensive so I’m using Facebook mostly. sigh!

So that’s my excuse for not posting. I’ll try to find pictures of what I’ve done and post more later.

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We have a subscription to Netflix now and I love it.  It came with the new digital, 3D TV we purchased.  I have watch so many old movies and enjoyed them very much.  I’m watching Red Skelton shows now.  He was soooo funny.  I hope he’s in heaven making God and my mom laugh.

What’s so cool about Netflix though is that I can pick my movies online and watch them instantly if they are available or they send a DVD through the mail that gets here the next day.  And when we return that one, they automatically send the next one on our list. 

I know it’s been around for awhile but we just got the TV with the deal!  I still don’t watch that much TV; however, when I want to, I can choose what I want to watch.  Cool!

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The Secret Moonacre

Watching now.  Funny, charming, mystical.  I enjoyed it.

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Just watched Inkheart.  Very good movie and love story.  We enjoyed it and recommend it.  No bad language, no sex, some fighting but not gruesome.
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Funny!!! Movie

If you haven’t seen Bedtime Stories yet with Courtney Cox and Adam Sandler, you should.  It is hilarious and clean.  No sex, no violence, just very funny kid humor.
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Humor on the Radio

Art: "Did you hear the concert on the radio last night?"
Keri: "My radio won’t come on at night."
Art: "What’s wrong with it?"
Keri: "It’s an AM radio."Open-mouthed
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Sweet Church

According to Erie Times, a Crawford County church had a problem with bees. A bee extraction expert removed more than a hundred thousand of the critters along with more than a hundred pounds of honey.  Now that’s what I call "honey in the rock"!  Sweet!
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